YouTube Video Statistics

Free YouTube Stats

YouTube video statistics refer to a set of metrics that provide information about a video's performance on the platform. These statistics can include information about the video's views, likes, dislikes, comments, and engagement rate. They can also include demographic information about the audience that views the video, such as their age, gender, location, and interests.

Additionally, YouTube also provides more detailed information such as Audience retention reports, Traffic sources, and Realtime reports. Audience retention reports show how long viewers watch the video, where they lose interest, or where they re-engage with the video. Traffic sources show where viewers come from, such as search results, suggested videos, embedded players on other sites, and more. realtime reports show how many people are watching the video at a given moment, and how many of those viewers are new or returning.

This information can be valuable for creators, as it can help them understand how their videos are being received by their audience and make data-driven decisions about future content. Additionally, this information also can be valuable for marketers and advertisers, as it can provide insight into the effectiveness of their campaigns and the demographics of the audience they are reaching.